For our long experience in the sector of metal processing and the trade of electromechanical products. The easy access to our facilities through the National road along with the highest quality of products which are manufactured according the worldwide standards.

For the complete support of all the sub-sectors our company is partner with foreign and Greek companies for the fast import, supply and trade all of our products.

Production Departments

  • Production of electromechanical products for the electricity grid
  • Cold processing of metals (drilling, cutting, welding)
  • Mechanical processing of metals (lathe, brake pressing, press, hydraulic saw)
  • Anti-oxidation and galvanization of metals
  • Assembly of electrical products
  • Production of SMC products
  • Packaging
  • Quality Control Segment

Company Sectors

  1. Fittings for electricity and power transportation
    • Cold processing of metals (drilling, cutting, welding)
    • Machining processes (presses, lathe, brake pressing, hydraulic saw)
    • Trading of products for the electricity transportation
  2. Galvanization
    • Fully equipped galvanization unit with total length of 4 meters
    • Two anti-oxidation tanks
    • Cranes for the movement of metals between the different stages of the production
  3. SMC production
    • Production based on EU regulations
    • Cover and support to each customer needs
    • Production of small & medium size products