Digenis S.A Company was established in 1963 with aspects the design and production of various metallic hardware and constructions, as well as hardware for the electricity lines of Public Power Corporation.

Digenis S.A is one of the oldest supplier of the PPC. This long experience of Digenis S.A certifies the best quality of its products. There is a wide variety of products which are manufactured according the technical specifications of PPC.

Every lot is certified by tests which are made by the PPC. The company is certified with ISO9001.

The factory’s installations are covering an area of 47.700m2 of which the 3.700m2 are indoors facilities fully equipped and the rest 44.000m2 are open air facilities.

There is a modern hot dip galvanized unit for galvanization of total length of 4 meters able for the galvanization of various products according to international specifications. Also, two deoxidation tanks and two cranks capable of lifting 1500 Kg each are provided. The final inspections of the products and the thickness of the galvanization are being measured by digital micrometer.

Advantages of Hot Dip Galvanization

Some of the biggest advantages of hot dip galvanization are the extension of life of the metal along with the anti-corrosion protection. Also, it can offer greater protection during the transportation and the fitting of the metal.

Over the last years, our company has extended into the production of plastic products made from SMC (Sheet Moulding Compound), creating an up-to-date production facility. The production of SMC products has been established as one of the cheapest solutions for the production of small and medium size products for a wide range of applications from different industries. Our company is capable of producing products from SMC covering the needs and technical specification of each customer.

The factory is located at Sximatari Biotias, next to the national road and near the capital city of Athens.